Survey & Engineering

Survey & Engineering

Survey & Engineering

IPaC surveyors use various GPS, conventional laser and/or hard measure survey methods to provide optimized services and outputs that meet customer needs and budgets. People and survey services are specific to overall project objectives because we recognize that not all projects require the same level of accuracy. We work in both urban and remote locations, for municipal and government agencies, and resource development companies in the forestry, mining, oil and gas and energy sectors, and government alike. CAD drawings and maps are tailored to client needs and range from standard engineering drawings to innovative drafting solutions.

Road and Bridge Design

  • Geometric Road Design (Plans, Profiles, Cross Sections, Mass Haul Diagrams)
  • General Arrangements (Bridges, Conventional Culverts, Arch Culverts, Retaining Walls)
  • Detailed Structural Design (Bridges, Arch Culverts, Retaining Walls)

Route Location Surveys

  • Road Reconnaissance and P-Line Layout
  • Feature Siting (Archeological, Hydrological, Structural)
  • Site Plans (Drainage Structures, Pipeline Crossings, Rail Crossings)
  • Right-of-Way/Clearing Extents Location and Survey

Construction Surveys

  • Pre-construction, Pre-design Surveys
  • Design, Staking and Feature Location
  • As-built surveys

Engineering CAD

The engineering CAD department provides mapping and drafting services to suit customer needs. Software used includes AutoCAD 2010, Civil 3D 2010, Autocad 2008, Eagle Point 2008, and various GPS data processing and correction (Trimble, Viasat, etc. ) packages.

Procurement and Construction Supervision

  • Planning, Logistics, Constructability Assessments, Budgeting, Stakeholder Engagement, Referrals, Notifications, Advertising, Permitting
  • Public Safety, Traffic Management Plans, Signage
  • Contract Preparation, Tendering, Bid Evaluations, Contract Award Recommendations
  • Project Management , Construction Supervision

Engineered Crossing Surveys

  • Bridge and Culvert Site Plans

Topographic Surveys

  • Surface Modeling
  • Earthwork Quantities
  • Implementation of Lidar Survey Data

Survey Tools

  • GPS (Trimble R8 GNSS RTK, Trimble R10 GNSS RTK, Trimble, Garmin)
  • Total Station EDM
  • Steel Chain/Clinometer/Hand Compass