Our team of professionals works seamlessly with customer organizations to find proactive solutions to various challenges facing the forestry sector. Our results-oriented approach ensures good value is returned on dollars invested by clients in the forestry, oil & gas, mining and energy sectors. We are fully capable of tackling and delivering, cost effectively, any project ranging from very small, one-time, reconnaissance, survey or layout projects to long-term, full-time, tenure management.

Planning & Forest Management

  • Stand Structure Inventory
  • Ecological Classification
  • Riparian Area Classification
  • Terrain Stability Field Assessments
  • Net Volume Adjustment Factors
  • Economic Feasibility Assessment

Forest Health

  • Forest Health Hazard & Risk Assessments
  • Pest Incidence Surveys
  • Pest Management Strategies
  • Aerial Mapping of Pest Infestations
  • Forest/Urban Interface Studies


  • Sediment and Erosion Control, Monitoring, Reporting, and Prescription.
  • Construction Monitoring and Supervision.
  • Environmental Certificate Compliance Monitoring.
  • Riparian Area and Forest Stream Classification.
  • Fish Surveys/Stream Shocking.
  • Watershed Assessment and Restoration.
  • Sediment Source Surveys.
  • Forest Site Remediation.

Cutting Authority Development

  • Harvesting Unit Design and Layout
  • Timber Cruising
  • Timber Appraisal
  • Small Scale Salvage Development
  • Global Positioning System Traversing
  • Mapping, GIS Database Reporting
  • Referrals, Stakeholder Engagement


  • Silviculture Surveys and Prescriptions
  • Silviculture Inspection and Auditing
  • Tree Planting Implementation
  • RESULTS Data Reporting & XML Submissions

Compliance & Monitoring

  • Coordinate, Prepare, Report, and Other Regulatory Requirements.