Forest Tenure & Fibre Management

Forest Tenure & Fibre Management

At IPaC, we work diligently for both the seller and buyer to ensure that the expectations of both Parties are met and that they are satisfied. We strive hard and consistently to foster a competitive environment that results in a win-win rather than zero-sum negotiation. We emphasize integrity, delivery and logs / fibre on specifications. Satisfied clients include major forest industry mills, private land owners, BC Timber Sales operators, value-added / specialty mills, BC Parks, utility companies, Ministry of Highways, First Nations, private investors, and woodlot / small tenure licensees.

Log Marketing & Brokering

  • Log Sorting Initiatives
  • Log Merchandising Initiatives
  • Transportation Logistics

Forest Tenure Management

  • Non-Replaceable Forest Licences
  • Woodlot Licences
  • Undeveloped Timber Sales
  • Private Land Timber Management
  • Logging and Road Construction Supervision
  • Accounting Services, Receivables / Payables / Statements and Contractor Pays

Fibre / Log - Lumber Trade Agreements

  • Specialty Log Purchases / Sorting / Trading
  • Private Timber Assessments and Evaluations
  • Log Exports (U.S.A., China)
  • BC Timber Sales Program Bidding Services