Business & Finance

Business & Finance

IPaC's business and bookkeeping specialists work with a variety of customers in the banking sector, private business, First Nations and industry to solve a variety of challenges ranging from business strategy and management to bookkeeping services. Our primary objective is to find and promote sustainable solutions to contemporary challenges, including the integration of various First Nations groups into the resource-based development that is ongoing on lands over which they assert Treaty and/or Aboriginal rights or title.

First Nations Engagement

  • Opportunities Assessment (Oil and Gas, Mining, Energy Sectors)
  • Skills/Acumen Gap Analysis
  • Cultural Awareness/Sensitivity Training

Economic Analysis

  • Economic Viability/Feasibility
  • Due Diligence (M&A, Financing)

Audit Services (FPC / ISO)

  • Investigations
  • Reporting

Business Planning

  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Studies/Planning
  • Pro-forma Financial Statements
  • Finance Applications and Support

Business Coaching, Business Management

  • First Nations Economic Development
  • Small Scale, Independent Business Support

Funding Proposal Submissions

  • FIA, FFT
  • Others