Integrated ProAction Corp

About Us

IPaC was founded in May, 1992 under the name of Integrated Woods Services Ltd. The name was changed to IPaC in 2006 to reflect the much broader scope of our service offerings and our customer base. Key, loyal customers exist in the forestry, mining, oil and gas and energy fields. IPaC currently employs 30 highly qualified individuals. The average employment term of our people is now approaching 10 years.

During virtually the past 2 decades of having worked in forestry, engineering, business consulting and fibre management, IPaC has worked with many other service providers. A legacy of successful joint ventures, subcontracting engagements and cooperative delivery formats has spawned a network of highly qualified practitioners and professionals that can be called upon on relatively short notice so as to round out any service offering. Our aim is to provide cost-effective, full service packages that capture scope or scale efficiencies and/or unique skill sets offered by other firms. We select only the best to work with - those with a proven track record in terms of safety and service. Our capability is much higher than our size might otherwise indicate - some say "we punch well above our weight". Our ability to retain qualified workers, and our ability to engage highly qualified external capacity when required and when appropriate, ensures that IPaC maintains a strong value proposition. We deploy only those resources that are necessary to get the job done, and avoid the pitfall inherent with some larger firms to carry people on projects, and hence budgets, longer than necessary. This variable cost model has proven in the past to save our clients money and ultimately, earns customer loyalty.