IT Dept

IT Dept

Our GIS, Geomatics and Information Technology department provides services for various clients in the Forestry, Oil and Gas, Mining, Municipal Development and Energy sectors. Several software packages are utilized for multi-variant data analysis, thematic mapping, terrain modeling, database reporting, programming and application development.

Computer Aided Drafting

IPaC provides full phase mapping, GPS processing, and file submission services with extensive experience interfacing with many major public and private resource management systems. Software used includes ArcMap 10.x, FME, GPS (Trimble, Viasat, etc. ) packages, Trimble, RESULTS.

Database Development

The IT department provides customized database development and reporting services. Microsoft products, SQL Server and MS Access, are the typical development environment, supported with SQL, Visual Basic, and Visual Studio C# programming code.

Terrain Modelling and Simulation

IPaC provides terrain modeling and visual analysis to assist customers to meet specific visual objectives or targets after various landscape/viewscape disturbances, including harvesting units, other clearing works or structures. Integrated Visual Designs (IVD), Visual Impact Assessments (VIA), and photo realistic perspective views are typical products produced. IPaC uses VNS 3 and World Construction Set software.

Geographic Information Systems

Industry leading software packages are utilized for advanced resource data analysis, thematic mapping and terrain modeling. Software options include ArcInfo 9.x, ArcMap 9.x, Safe FME, SQL server and MS Access.

Engineering CAD

The engineering CAD department provides mapping and drafting services to suit customer needs. Software used includes AutoCAD 2010, Civil 3D 2010, Autocad 2008, Eagle Point 2008, and various GPS data processing and correction (Trimble, Viasat, etc. ) packages.

Hardware and Software Support

The IT department provides customized hardware and software support services to a select group of clients.